In times of heavy rainfall the water would collect on the paving and have nowhere to disperse.  This meant the excess water would run under the doorway of WH Smith and into the store.

Our client asked us to provide a solution to stop the water from entering the shop in future.


There was no drainage system in this area which was why the water was collecting in times of heavy rainfall.  Therefore we proposed to run an Aco drain the fall length of the shop to take away any excess surface water.

Job Description:

To supply and install 12 meters of Aco drain outside WH Smith to stop the rain water running down the paving and flooding the area outside WH Smith side entrance.

The paving will need to be taken up, Aco drain installed and paving cut to size and relayed.   There is a manhole close by which the Aco drain can run into.

Health & Safety

As this is an area open to the public we were cautious to protect the public at all time while these works were ongoing.  The area was taped off and pedestrians were diverted around another route.


The works were completed on time and on budget.   Both our client and the store manager are happy with the result and have not experienced any further rainwater issues.