Our client contacted us to complete various works around the site. These works were quoted for and carried out at a time convenient to the client and its tenants.

The works consisted of…

  1. Take up and relay loose slab by Harvey’s and check steps outside NEXT.
  2. Dismantle, remove and dispose of redundant sign outside Paul Simon
  3. Take out bollard to the side of Halfords.  Reset upright and paint.
  4. Prepare and repaint entrance gate and post.
  5. Take out two redundant blue posts behind the rear service yard gates and make good the pavement areas.
  6. Dig out the tree roots and make good the area using appropriate materials.
  7. Prepare 94 bollards around the site and paint.
  8. Litter bins

Health & Safety

As this is an area open to the public we always tape/cone off any areas we are working to protect the public at all times.  Risk assessments and methods statements are always in place before we start any works.


The client and the tenants are happy with the completed works.  We take before and after pictures of every job and these are emailed to our client on completion for their records.  The works were completed over a number of days and were completed on budget as per our estimate.