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Move House or Extend?

There are many situations in our lives when we need bigger house than we are having at present. These situations can arise due to number of reasons which are:

  • You may be looking for having a playroom for your kids.
  • Your children are grown and need a separate rooms.
  • You may need a bedroom for your guests.
  • You just simple need more living space.
  • You are starting a home based business and need a separate room/area for it.
  • And many others.

Whatever may be the cause to have bigger house there are always two options. These options are to move house or extend the one you presently own. Most people normally get confused that which option they should choose. Let us clear your confusion and tell you that no particular option is best. There are many factors which will help you decide which option will best fit your needs. Here, we are going to put light on the positives and negatives of these options.

Moving your house

Moving house is mostly considered as a harder option, but it is not necessarily true. Here are some pros and cons of moving a house that will help you to finalize your decision.

+ Pros

  • It will give you a chance to find your dream house which would have all the required facilities and space.
  • Its a fresh start
  • You can find a home near to your work location as it will reduce your commuting time and cost.
  • You can find a house in the area where you would have access to better amenities like schools, shops, transport links and much more.
  • You could move to a better area.

+  Cons

  • It may be difficult to find your dream home and chances are there that it would be out of your reach due to financial limitations.
  • Difficulties can arise while selling your current property.
  • The upheaval of selling and purchasing can be a stressful situation and involves contacting estate agents, advertising your property, arranging house viewings, property chains etc.
  • There are additional costs involved in moving such as stamp duty, estate agents fees and legal fees.
  • You may find it hard to resettle in a new area.
  • It may require you to change your job, your children’ school, etc. which is not easy.
  • There may still be work to be done in your new property.

Extending your home

Like moving, extending is also dependent on number of factors like availability of space, the increased costs, starting work from the scratch and many others. Here are some pros and cons of extending your home.

+ Pros

  • It will help you to increase the value of your house.
  • You would not be required to experience the hassle of adjusting in a new area with new people.
  • You can get your home constructed in a way you wish for.
  • You don’t need to bother about finding a new house within your budget.

+ Cons

  • Extending becomes hard if you do not have the required space.
  • You need to get permission from the local council for building extension.
  • It can be a long process depending on the amount of work you wish to have done.
  • Number of costs are involved which are related to architectural work, council permission, construction, furniture and many others.

So, you are required to go through all these facts and make a smart decision.