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Great Ormond Street Charity Event | Baytree Centre Brentwood

Nicholls Build are working with the Baytree Center in Brentwood Essex with a charity event in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Gearing up for the charity event on 10th June, Diane And Jen from Nicholls Build were recently interviewed by the Baytree, check out their interview below…


Baytree Center Interview with Nicholls Build…

We were recently welcomed by two of the most delightful ladies in Essex, Diane and Jen, who flawlessly ran the office of Nicholls Build in the background while discussing their passion for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Could you tell us a little bit about your company?

Diane: My husband Keith, myself, and our two sons – Craig and Shane – formed the company in June 2007, so next month we’ll be celebrating our 10th Anniversary! We haven’t as yet made any plans, but I’m sure we’ll do something as a family to celebrate.

Jen: We carry out domestic works such as extensions, kitchens and bathrooms, etc. But we also carry out commercial works and maintenance, with The Baytree Shopping Centre being an example of that side of the business.


As you’ve described, Nicholls Build is a family-run business. What’s it like working together?

Jen: Well my mother-in-law’s sat right here, so I’d better say it’s great! Ha! In all honesty, it’s wonderful. The boys are out doing the work, and we’re here dealing with the bookings, logistics and admin, so it works well.

Diane: I think the important thing is we all get on, and we’re flexible. Because the men are generally out all day, it’s not like we’re under each other’s feet or anything. And we still manage to have nice long weekends away as a family, or split longer holidays up so the business is always taken care of. I think it’s great!


What will you be doing at Baytree Shopping Centre on 10th June?

Diane: We’ll be building a small pen where children can come and walk a selection of balloon animals.

Jen: Yes! Kids seem to absolutely love these things, so it will be a really nice thing for families to do, and they’ll be able to buy the balloons, too.


You’ve very kindly decided to give 100% of the money you make to GOSH. Why do you feel so passionate about charity?

Diane: Being that we clearly believe in family and community, we like to give back whenever we can, so we’re involved in a number of charity events throughout any given year.

Jen: And as the mum of a 3-year-old, I think any charity that helps children needs to be supported. Also, it’s just nice to be associated with what seems like an exciting event!


Do you have a specific connection to GOSH?

Diane: Let’s just say that without them, my nephew’s little boy wouldn’t be here. What I find most incredible about them is the support they give to the parents. Not only that, they really tap into what excites the child. They knew my nephew’s son was into Formula One, so they arranged pit lane tickets at Silverstone and got photos of him with all the drivers, like Jenson Button. The work they do is incredible, and that’s why we’re readily available to help.


We’d like to thank Diane and Jen for meeting us, and we can’t wait to visit their adorable animal pen on Saturday 10th June, which will be located near the Baytree entrance on Chapel High.


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